Lori Antounian


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PhotoLoriLORI ANTOUNIAN, Orchestra Conductor and Choir Director, begins her musical journey with piano and voice, at a very young age. Born and raised in a musicians’ family, Lori Antounian found her vocation in the same path. She graduated in music, voice and classical piano from Vanier College. She continued her studies in classical piano and choir direction at Concordia University, where she obtained her Bachelor “with distinction”. During her studies, she received two scholarships, The Garnet Menger Scholarship and The Robert Ball Memorial Scholarship. Lori Antounian was the student of many local greats such as Gregory Chaverdian for piano, Maestro Christopher Jackson for choir direction and Maestros Jean-François Rivest and Raffi Armenian for Orchestra conducting. Lori Antounian has obtained her Orchestral Conducting degree from the Montreal Music Conservatory, under the supervision of Maestro Raffi Armenian. She is presently completing her Doctoral Conducting degree at the University of Montreal under the supervision of Maestro Jean-François Rivest and Maestro Paolo Bellomia.

In May 2009, Lori Antounian founded her own orchestra, the IMPERIAL ORCHESTRA and has performed many concerts in Montreal and its surroundings. In addition, she has conducted Sinfonia Toronto, the Argentina National Symphonic Orchestra, the 
Córdoba Metropolitan Orchestra, the Montreal Conservatory Symphonic Orchestra, the University of Montreal Symphonic Orchestra and the Accademia Vivaldiana with which she was selected to participate and conduct the London Conducting Workshop held in Venice in 2014.

Lori Antounian has a broad repertoire encompassing classical, contemporary and folkloric music through symphonic and chamber orchestras and choirs.

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