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IMPERIAL Orchestra

Imperial Orchestra was founded in May 2009 by the young Orchestra Conductor LORI ANTOUNIAN. Initially, the Orchestra had 25 talented musicians. However, over time and based on the needs of each concert, the number of its members reached to a total of 50 musicians.

All Imperial Orchestra’s musicians are chosen during an artistically meticulous audition, by a jury composed of three professionals and presided by the Orchestra Conductor Lori Antounian herself.

The repertoire of Imperial Orchestra consists of Classical, Operatic, Contemporary, Broadway, Folk, Jazz and Popular music.


  1. On July 11th 2009, newly-founded Imperial Orchestra gave its first performance by participating in a Benefit Concert for Artak Kirakosyan, the famous Armenian soloist of KOHAR Choir, who was paralysed due to the fall of a lamp-stand on his back while helping 3 children in danger. This concert was held at Armenian Evangelical Church in Montreal.
  1. On July 25th 2009, the Imperial Orchestra conducted by Lori Antounian participated to EUROFEST Festival at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal in front of thousands of spectators.
  1. On November 22nd 2009, organized by the Armenian Community of Montreal, Lori Antounian conducted her Imperial Orchestra, with the participation of Armenian Catholic Church’s Alemshah Choir, for an important concert commemorating the 260th anniversary of the Foundation of the Armenian Catholic Convent of Bzommar (Lebanon) and the 8th anniversary of the Beatification of Blessed Martyr Mgr Ignace Maloyan. The Concert was held at St-Laurent Church in Montreal.
  1. On April 18th 2010, on the 30th anniversary of Pierre-Laporte High School’s Foundation of the Music Program, Lori Antounian conducted a concert with her Imperial Orchestra, composed of 50 musicians (with participation of many ancient students who have now become famous international artists) and 175 choir singers (composed of secondary music classes and their professors). Among the high attendance, local government representatives and elected officials, as well as known Orchestra Conductors were present at this memorable event. The concert was held at the Saint-Laurent church in Montreal.
  1. On June 5th 2010, Lori Antounian had the initiative to organize a Benefit Concert for Rose-Marie Berberian, artist-photographer, to help raise money for her cancer treatments. Lori conducted her Imperial Orchestra and 100 singers from the Pierre-Laporte High School, with the participation of famous instrumental and vocal soloists. This was also held at the Saint-Laurent Church in Montreal.
  1. On February 26th 2011, Lori Antounian conducted her Imperial Orchestra and Choir with the participation of the Shar-Agan Choir in a Spiritual Concert organized by the Armenian Apostolic Sourp Hagop Church at the Saint-Maroun Church in Montreal. This evening marked the first time in history that Armenian spiritual canticles (sharagans) were interpreted by an Orchestra. Over 1,000 people were present to this event. Participated to this Concert famous soloists Elie Berberian (Tenor) and Arminé Kassabian (Mezzo-Soprano).
  1. On April 9th 2011, Lori Antounian conducted her Imperial Orchestra and over 150 singers and students, in a Benefit Concert for the Pierre-Laporte High School’s music program. This event took place at the First Evangelical Armenian Church in Montreal.
  1. On May 7th 2011, Lori Antounian’s Imperial Orchestra accompanied famous composer ARA GEVORGYAN (Armenia) and his ensemble in a great concert held at Université de Montreal’s CEPSUM arena. Lori had the honour to conduct one of Ara Gevorgyan’s most famous works, ARTSAKH, which she performed with great success in front of 2,500 spectators. This Concert was organized by Hamazkayin Cultural Association of Montreal.




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